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I've created this page because I have a small business and I think it's important to pay it forward to others! 

I will post your business for FREE...yes for for FREE. I have had so many people offer advice and help me. I graciously thank you. So, please email me on the Home Page your services and what you're offering. :)

Small Business Spotlight

 Every woman would love to have natural looking luscious long eyelashes. Favor’d by V offers the enhancement for the beauty of your eyes with extensions. Favor'd specialize in natural or natural glam eyelash extensions. Lashes are applied to one-single-natural-eyelash at a time. Your natural eyelashes are able to move, grow, and shed as if you have nothing on them. Come and experience a set of Favor'd Eyelash Extensions that will have everybody wondering if they are yours 

Favor'd by V |Eye Lash Enhancements and Hair

 A $25 **NONREFUNDABLE** deposit is required for all services before booking an appointment. After you input your information, you will re-directed to PayPal to complete your booking. PLEASE BRING CASH ONLY to your appointment to pay the balance for your services. This deposit is to secure your spot! **NONREFUNDABLE** If you cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment, your deposit can be used towards future service! Thanks for booking with Favor'd!REMINDER: Due to safety considerations and for speedy services, children are NOT allowed! Also, make sure your lashes are CLEAN and makeup free. 

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Call 4043987271





Full Set of Favor'd Eyelash Extensions

2 hours 10 minutes @ $95.00

Favor'd specialize in natural or natural glam eyelash extensions. Lashes are applied to one-single-natural-eyelash at a time. The more natural lashes you have, the fuller your extensions will be.

Pricing & Info

 3 weeks - 4 weeks Fill In of Favor'd Eyelash Extensions

1 hour 30 minutes @ $55.00

You must have 50 percent of your lashes to receive a fill-in otherwise you will be charged for a full set.

 Favor'd Traditional Sew-in (with style)

3 hours 30 minutes @ $90.00

Favor'd Traditional Sew-in (without styling)

3 hours @ $65.00

Favor'd crochet twist

3 hours @ $60.00

Favor'd wash, retwist, & style of locs

1 hour 35 minutes @ $75.00

Favor'd retwist of locs (ONLY)

45 minutes @ $40.00

Favor'd wash & retwist of locs

1 hour 5 minutes @ $65.00

Small Business Spotlight



We are Professional Hobbists.

Most of our clients are friends or become friends because  each project is a collective effort.​we make memories while capturing others. Not every project will be accepted, but the ones that are will be treated as the art it is. We welcome you here and look forward to creating with you.​​Services: music videos,  photoshoots, films, commercials, and whatever we put our minds to. 

Enfinity Productions

 We Create Awesome productions: Art, Film, Music, Photos and Whatever we decide to bring to life with You of course! 

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Montgomery,AL 36117
San Francisco, CA 94158​Chanhassen, MN 55318


|Art, Film, Music, Photos|

Small Business Spotlight

Butterfly Ear by Qwannubian Trinya Murphy

Butterflies symbolize powerful transformations.Be whimsical,reserved,or outspoken. Above all,listen to the butterfly whisper in your ear. Be uniquely you!

Beautiful Earrings


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Jewelry designed with Love!

Bag Decor?

Bag Decor for your every need!

 Power with elegance. I want you to be able to go anywhere in this world and represent yourself with class. Honoring your surroundings while being uncompromisingly YOU 

Beautiful Neckalaces

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