About Vision Boards


The greatest thing i've learned several years ago from a friend was about the "Law of Attraction". Whatever you put out to the Universe is exactly what you will get back. This has helped me so much in navigating through unpleasant times in my life. You have to loosen the chains on your mind that you're not good enough, or freeing yourself of judgement of others. No lie, it's hard and it's a process, but that best part of understanding all of this, is that you will make it through and you will be okay. :)


Creating a vision board, to me, is simply therapeutic. It helps me map out exactly what i want to be, where i want to be, and how i'm going to get there in my life. I love using color photos because color to me is so vibrant and alive! Without a plan or directions,how would you know where you're going? It's not possible. Having a board is a necessary tool! This is a DIY craft you can do with anyone. You're never too young or seasoned to dream! 

Action.....It Works!

I have navigated and landed a job in 2014 making over what i asked for on my vision board. I have manifested a raise and bonus at work. I have manifested things on a spiritual level...all because i put my vision and plan to action...I have direction in my life now. I'm here to help you find direction in yours as well! Manifest with your tongue and you will receive. 

This is a Free Service i'm doing to Pay It Forward! ;)

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