About Me

 I am Favored Queen! I am a Healer, intuitive card reader(Oracle & Tarot), Empath, rootworker & conjurer, blogger/vlogger, future author, Queen, mother, sister, and a friend. I have been doing intuitive card readings since early 2017. I have been an Empath all of my life unknowingly. I have always been interested in what most would consider “alternative spirituality”. Also, I am in love with Hoodoo. I am interested in learning more about ATR & Voudon. My specialty is making a bad-ass "honey jar". :-) I am a firm believer in that I had to go through different religious times & various other experiences in my life to be here, right now. This has taught me to love more and show less judgement towards others. Everyone is on a journey! My mission is to help and heal others first and foremost. <3

Thank you for allowing me and trusting me to help you on your journey! Peace & Blessings